Ra-Ve Master Concerts 2024

Enjoy 3 different and exciting events this Fall!

We are so excited to bring you three unique Master Concerts this year in Northwest Arkansas. At Ra-Ve, it is our commitment to bring you the best cultural experience to the region. Our Master Concerts are not just performances. They are an opportunity for you to experience India right here, right now! So, buy a ticket to one or all the concerts and enjoy something different, unique and enriching, right here in Northwest Arkansas. If you can't make it, consider a donation.

We have also activated our Store for these events. Buy a t-shirt and food box that can be picked up at each event. Order as soon as possible to ensure pick up on the day of the event.

Along with all the fun, this is also the time we host our Annual fundraiser for all the work we do through the year in bringing people together with music and dance. There will be amazing Indian food like never before, a DJ and dance floor, giveaways and a silent auction. You can participate this year by buying a ticket to our fundraiser and/or becoming a fundraiser yourself by using the Peer-to-Peer-Fundraiser tool on this campaign link. Your fundraising helps us take authentic Indian arts and cultural experiences to schools and the wider community. Thank you for supporting our mission. It keeps us moving forward.

Watch the video below from our 2023 Master Concert to get an idea about our event. Click on "Tickets" to learn more about each of the concerts this year.

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